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Catalog Number 1966-043-0011
Object Name Cylinder, Audio
Description Wax cylinder [A] and record case [B]. Black wax cylinder with a shiny luster on exterior. Beveled edge at the top and bottom. multiple grooved lines on sides. Text stamped into top reads, "SOPRANO SILVER THREADS AMONG THE GOLD 9162" Also stamped on the top (but written in script) is the text, "Thomas A. Edison PAT'D..." One chip in a wax on the edge near the text. Six raised ridges on interior of cylinder. Cardboard tube record case with text and three graphics. Brown paper cap on bottom. Red and gold text reads, "EDISON GOLD MOULDED RECORD" "9140" Handwritten upside down above text "MOULDED". Three holes from handwriting the number. To the left of the text is a black and white image of Edison. Image is approximately two inches by two inches. Text around the image reads, "NATIONAL PHONOGRAPHIC CO. ORANGE, N.J., USA." Off-white background with gold border and Edison signature. Text below image "Thomas A. Edison" in script. Text above image reads, "Form no. 1200. Dec 1, 1907." Other text on the record holder reads, "REGISTERED IN U.S. PATENT OFFICE, AUG. 9, 1904.- COPYRIGHT, 1904, BY NATIONAL PHONOGRAPH COMPANY." "MADE AT THE EDISON LABORATORY, ORANGE, N.J., U.S.A. UNDER PATENTS OF THOMAS A. EDISON." "PATENTED OCT. 1, 1901, FEB. 14, 1905, APR. 17, 1906, JULY 5, 1904, FEB. 27, 1906, JULY 31, 1906, OCT. 30, 1906, APR. 23,1907." "OTHER PATENTS PENDING." "THIS RECORD IS SOLD BY THE NATIONAL PHONOGAPH COMPANY, UPON THE CONDITION THAT IT SHALL NOT BE SOLD TO ANY UNAUTHORIZED DEALER OR USED FOR DUPLICATION, AND THAT IT SHALL NOT BE SOLD, OR OFFERED FOR SALE, BY THE ORIGINAL, OR ANY SUBSEQUENT PURCHASER (EXCEPT BY AN AUTHORIZED JOBBERS TO AN AUTHORIZED RETAIL DEALER) FOR LESS THAT THIRTY FIVE (35) CENTS APIECE." "UPON ANY BREACH OF SAID CONDITION, THE LICENSE TO USE AND VEND THIS RECORD, IMPLIED FROM SUCH SALE, IMMEDIATELY TERMINATES." " THE NEVINS-CHURCH PRESS, N.Y., OS." Text within a square border.
Date 1907
Dimensions H-4.5 Dia-2.5 inches
Provenance Original owner was Mr & Mrs David Jones, Mr Jones was sheriff from 1906-1910. The player and the quantity of records were purchased in Saint Louis1910.Mr Jones brought these things home on a street car, and the family stayed up until 3 am playing records. Mr Jones original collection of cylindrical records numbered 200 The player was sold around 1900 and the balance of 66 records and cabinet were donated to the museum. Mrs. Arno Meyer is the daughter of Mr & Mrs. David Jones
Material Wax