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Name Sutter

Associated Records

Image of 1929-002-0811 - Ax

1929-002-0811 - Ax

3/4 groove stone ax Black stone with a lighter section above groove and on back. WPA # B-56 written on it.

Image of 1929-002-0838 - Fragment

1929-002-0838 - Fragment

Brown piece of fired clay. Almost tubular in shape with a flared end.

Image of 1929-002-0840 - Sherd

1929-002-0840 - Sherd

Cone shaped piece of clay. Varied colors of black on the exterior of the item. Small hold through the center.

Image of 1929-002-0807 - Ax

1929-002-0807 - Ax

Stone Ax 3/4 grooved ax. Black and tan speckled stone. WPA # on blade covered by tape. Large chipped or rough area on back with white on it.

Image of 1929-002-0808 - Ax

1929-002-0808 - Ax

Stone ax (axe) Tan stone with light tan speckles. There are two scratches on the ax, one in the groove, and one on the blade. Tape covering WPA # B-56.

Image of 1929-002-0809 - Ax

1929-002-0809 - Ax

3/4 grooved stone ax Light tan-gray stone. There are two scratches between groove on top of the ax. The tip is darker thatn the rest of the ax.

Image of 1929-002-0810 - Ax

1929-002-0810 - Ax

3/4 grooved stone ax Dark brown stone. There is a chunck out of the back. Some of the inside stone in brown and red. There is white paint dot next to the WPA # B-56.

Image of 1929-002-0812 - Ax

1929-002-0812 - Ax

3/4 grooved stone ax with a slight groove on top also. Tan-yellow stone. There is a half piece of tape over WPA # B-56

Image of 1929-002-0813 - Ax

1929-002-0813 - Ax

4/4 grooved stone ax Tan rough sone. WPA # B-56

Image of 1929-002-0814 - Ax

1929-002-0814 - Ax

3/4 grooved stone ax with a flat bottom. There is a chip out of the tip. Gray outside with dark gray-black inside. WPA # B-56 on bottom with white paint dot next to it.

Image of 1929-002-0815 - Ax

1929-002-0815 - Ax

3/4 grooved stone ax with a very flat top and round back. Dark gray stone. WPA # B-56

Image of 1929-002-0818 - Ax

1929-002-0818 - Ax

4/4 grooved stone ax Gray stone with tan/white speckles. Very small back 3/8". There are two chip in the blade.

Image of 1929-002-0819 - Ax

1929-002-0819 - Ax

4/4 grooved stone ax Tan stone with dark scratches/rub marks.

Image of 1929-002-0820 - Ax

1929-002-0820 - Ax

4/4 grooved stone ax Light tan-yellow stone. Several scratches over the surface almost like dots

Image of 1929-002-0829 - Scraper

1929-002-0829 - Scraper

Bone scraper It is labeled C-3. There are two small holes drilled into the side.

Image of 1929-002-0830 - Bannerstone

1929-002-0830 - Bannerstone

Bannerstone (banner stone) "These were placed upon shafts and were used in tribal processions. D-15"

Image of 1929-002-0836 - Sherd

1929-002-0836 - Sherd

Porous sherd with a hole in the middle. Orange in color.

Image of 1929-002-0837 - Fragment

1929-002-0837 - Fragment

Ceramic pottery piece [handle?]. Red slip

Image of 1929-002-0842 - Awl, Stitching

1929-002-0842 - Awl, Stitching

Long and thin bone awl with sharpened point. Spot of white paint on one side.

Image of 1929-002-0843 - Awl, Stitching

1929-002-0843 - Awl, Stitching

Flat tan bone awl with a sharpened point at one end. White paint spot on one side.